Kevin Chapin


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the shape and sound of the violin.  As a youth I began violin lessons and went on to play trumpet and percussion. Throughout my schooling I could often be found tweaking instruments, repairing brass and woodwinds, and doing full restorations of antique rope tension drums, which was an interest I developed through marching in a local fife and drum corps.  An attempt was made to make a violin unassisted and I quickly realized that further education in the craft was necessary.

In 2007 I moved to Illinois to learn the trade of violin making at the Chicago School of Violin Making.  During that time I also worked for Master Maker Petio Kostov where I learned from his techniques and studied fine violins.  Upon graduation I was taken on at Michael Becker Fine Violins to undertake in-depth restoration work. While there I continued to build violins at my home workshop.  Feeling a need to expand my knowledge of bows, I took a job for Kenneth Stein Violins doing bow work and selective violin restoration.  There I became acquainted with Master Cello Maker William Whedbee.  William took me on as his apprentice and taught me what goes into making a truly fantastic instrument.  I later submitted an instrument into the 2014 competition at the Violin Society of America Convention and received a tonal award for my 7/8 model cello.

After moving back east, I started my own shop in Norwalk, Connecticut and later moved to New Haven, Connecticut where I enjoy doing client repair work as well as making and selling violins, violas, and cellos.  Accompanying me in the shop are my two pugs, Frank and Fester.